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The Rack™ is Ideal for Steel Buildings

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The Rack™ is Ideal for Steel Buildings

The Rack™ is Ideal for Steel Buildings

steel and metail building air rotational unitsThe Rack™ is Ideal for Steel Buildings

The Rack™

  • Reduces the need for expensive roof structural steel.
  • Eliminates roof penetration which causes roof leaks.
  • Decreases the quantity of units needed to distribute the conditioned air evenly throughout the space.
  • Maintains consistent temperatures throughout the work environment eliminating the need for expensive discharge duct work.
  • Lowers installation costs with gas and electrical piping.
  • Saves utility expenses in both natural gas and electrical consumption.
  • Case Studies prove The Rack™ is the best solution for Metal Buildings.

pdf-iconDownload a copy of The Rack™ brochure.

The Newly 2016 Renovated Rack

  • Switching from Angle Iron to a Galvanized Tube Steel Frame led to lighter overall weight, elimination of wooden pallet, cheaper shipping costs and quicker installation.


The Newly Renovated Rack

  • Adjustable Brackets on the back frame allows for The Rack to accommodate all styles of unit heaters, effortless installation and easier service entry.



  • A completely redesigned Control Panel resulted in clear access to controls, straightforward wiring process and speedier service time.


  • Our New Control Panel will ship straight up. Once on the jobsite the panel will hinge down for wiring, service and easy access.


*New Rack provides convenient carrying

*New Rack provides convenient carrying

  • Our Control Panel has UL approved fittings, whips, switches, terminal block and housing.


*Control Panel in Shipping Position

*Control Panel in Shipping Position

The Rack™ Energy Rotation System – Guarantees ENERGY SAVINGS while maintaining consistent BUILDING TEMPERATURE.

  • High Energy Savings’’
  • Consistent Building Temperature’’
  • Low Installation Cost’’
  • No Loss of Valuable Floor Space’’
  • Quiet Operation’’
  • Low Maintenance’’
  • Fresh Air Intake Option’’

In this economy – energy efficient, quality built, and affordable ventilation and air distribution products are critical to keeping building temperatures consistent and energy costs low.

Download "The Newly Renovated Rack" PDF

Download “The Newly Renovated Rack” PDF

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