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About Us

About Us
Air Energy Systems, Inc. Indianapolis, IN

Air Energy Systems, Inc. Indianapolis, IN

Since 1986, Air Energy Systems, Inc. (AES) has provided contractors with ventilation equipment, air distribution products, radiant heaters, make-up air units, and energy rotation units. We are committed to providing every customer with the most energy efficient system at the most competitive price.

AES realizes that heating and cooling are important factors in any industrial or warehouse building project. Therefore, we go above and beyond your expectations to customize equipment which addresses your HVAC requirements. We provide you with a single source responsibility- from initial design and manufacturing to equipment lay-out and service.

In addition to The Rack™ , AES manufactures roof curbs, welded equipment frames, and small filter sections. We also represent the following companies and products:

  • Arrow United Industries: louvers & dampers
  • Breidert Air Products: full line of axial and centrifugal fans
  • Rupp: direct fired make-up air units & direct fired 80/20 units
  • Solaronics: vented & ceramic radiant heaters
  • Vent Products: louvers & dampers
  • Weather Rite: direct fired make-up air units & direct fired 80/20 units.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next project and invite you to browse our website and contact us with any question you may have about your equipment needs.

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► Air Energy Systems is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
► Air Energy Systems was founded in 1986 by Bill Maher who is President and C.E.O. For manufacturing or technical questions contact Bill using our email form.
Jessi Pedigo is our Office Manager
► For questions or for information regarding shipping contact Jeffery Wheeler
Libby Ransford is our Parts Manager. ► Collin Maher for General Sales information.
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