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The Rack™ – Unit Specifications

The Rack™ - Unit Specifications
Air Energy Systems can customize an equipment layout to your building specifications and then install or supervise the installation of your equipment. Air Energy Systems is the manufacturer and distributor for The Rack™ - a superior air turnover unit and heating system with substantial cost and energy savings over traditional heating systems. When you consider all the benefits - The Rack™ is the ideal heating system for your facility. Product Features:
  • High Energy Savings
  • Consistent Building Temperature
  • Low Installation Cost
  • No Loss of Valuable Floor Space
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fresh Air Intake Option
Models Available:
  • 9,000 - 50,000 CFM
  • 100,000 - 800,000 BTU
Fuel Type:
  • Natural Gas/LP Gas
  • Steam/Hot Water
  • Electric
  • Oil
Picture Details (right): (2) ER-242-800, each unit:
  • 33,000 CFM
  • 800,000 BTU/hr
Typical Building Size:
  • 78,000 Square Feet
  • 36' Peak Height
  • 70° F. Inside Temperature
  • 0° F. Design Temperature
  • R-11 Walls, R-19 Roof
The Rack™ delivers heated air throughout the building providing even, economical heating.
  • BBy effectively recirculating heated air to the floor, The Rack allows building owners to reduce fuel costs while improving overall comfort level.
  • Evenly distributes heat plus maintains temperatures within a few degrees anywhere in the building.
  • Destratifies layers of heated air to increase comfort.
  • By lowering roof line temperatures, the heat loss through the roof is significantly reduced.
The Rack™ Brochure (PDF)
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ER-242-800 installed in a building 200' x 390' x 32', inside temperature of 70° F

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