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We've redesigned

We’ve redesigned

In addition to being brighter and easier to navigate – here are a few of the notable features of our new website:

The Rack™ Energy Rotation System: The Rack Guarantees ENERGY SAVINGS while maintaining consistent BUILDING TEMPERATURE.  Our new website makes it easy to browse real world Case Studies of The Rack in use in a variety of industries.

Web Comfort™ Wireless Energy Management System: Air Energy Systems, Inc. presents an innovative way to remotely control and monitor your heating and cooling levels – wirelessly – and through a secure internet connection.

More Energy Rotation Products:  Air Energy Systems can customize an equipment layout to your building specifications and then install or supervise the installation of your equipment.  We also represent the following companies and products: Arrow United Industries, Breidert Air Inc., Rupp Air Management Systems, Solaronics Inc., Solaronics, Vent Products, and more.

Latest News:  Each month we add helpful information and new case studies to our website which discusses the energy savings and convenience benefits of our patented energy rotation equipment. You can also catch up with our news on our Google+, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

In this economy – energy efficient, quality built, and affordable ventilation and air distribution products are critical to keeping building temperatures consistent and energy costs low.  To learn more visit, or contact our sales office at (317) 290-8500 (email form) for answers to your equipment questions.

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