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Unique Air Turnover Units Solution Nets $500K Cost Savings for Honda

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Unique Air Turnover Units Solution Nets $500K Cost Savings for Honda

Unique Air Turnover Units Solution Nets $500K Cost Savings for Honda

Case Study:
Customer: Honda of Indiana
Location: Greensburg, Indiana

Project Challenge:
Honda’s original heating/cooling design used direct fired equipment incorporated with cooling coils and sheet metal distribution ducting.  The warehouse continually exceeded their budget for temperature control and considered eliminating the cooling function all together.

Air Energy System’s (The Rack™) Solution:
AES recommended installing eight 60-ton ground mounted gas/electric rooftop units along with eight (The Rack™) ER-248 ceiling hung air rotation units into the facility.    The equipment design increased the air distribution from 192,000 cfm to 400,000 cfm.

By installing (8) 60-ton ground mounted rooftop units with (8) ER-248 The Rack™ air turn-over units, Honda experienced the following results:

  • Honda was able to eliminate their costly sheet metal distribution ducting
  • Honda experienced a $500,000 cost savings
  • Honda warehouse has less than a 2-3° temperature difference anywhere in the facility.

Honda liked the operation of “The Rack™” ER units so well – they installed the same ER units in their next facility located in Sidney, OH – and success breeds more success – as Honda is also installing even more “The Rack™” ER Units in another warehouse facility planned for 2014!

In this economy – energy efficient, quality built, and affordable ventilation and air distribution products are critical to keeping building temperatures consistent and energy costs low.   Honda knows about cost saving “The Rack™” ER Units …and now you do too.

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