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Case Studies (PDF)

Case Studies (PDF)

The Rack™ Case Studies are available in .pdf format below. A fast (DSL, cable or faster) connection is recommended to view and/or print these .pdf Case Study files.

Company Name Location File Type Pages Size
Ammeal Pharmaceuticals Glasgow, KY .pdf 1 128KB
Apex Precision Construction Camby, IN .pdf 1 1.06MB
City of Anderson Anderson, IN .pdf 1 156KB
Duke Construction Indianapolis, IN .pdf 1 578KB
Enterprising Service Solutions Louisville, KY .pdf 1 761KB
Fugie Component Indianapolis, IN .pdf 1 1.73MB
Globe Furniture Rentals Indianapolis, IN .pdf 1 662KB
Guess Jeans (Page 1, Page 2) Louisville, KY .pdf 1 (1.06MB)(1.77MB)
Honda Greensburg, IN .pdf 1 176KB
Kirby Risk (Page 1, Page 2) Lafayette, IN .pdf 1,2 (1.28MB)(1.73MB)
Kruse International Auction Park Auburn, IN .pdf 1 477KB
Linc Systems Carmel, IN .pdf 1 488KB
Olinger Indianapolis, IN .pdf 1 164KB
ProLogis Plainfield, IN .pdf 1 907KB
RR Donnelley & Sons Louisville, KY .pdf 1 665KB
Sherman Park Indianapolis, IN .pdf 1 448KB
Storage Solutions Noblesville, IN .pdf 1 586KB
Trammell Crow Noblesville, IN .pdf 1 574KB
UPS-SCS (Pharmaceutical Logistics) Louisville, KY .pdf 1 634KB
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Air Energy Systems is the manufacturer and distributor for The Rack™ – a superior air turnover unit and heating system with substantial cost and energy savings over traditional heating systems. When you consider all the benefits – The Rack™ is the ideal heating system for your facility.

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